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2017-03-14 05:51:04 by JonathanRune

I'm getting pretty annoyed about the fact that im trying my hardest to get feautured in the audio portal but nobody notices me? :(


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2017-03-14 06:05:26

try harder my man, it took me four years to get about 50 fans.


2017-03-14 06:15:00

I can get it featured for you. And @MissVirus it took me one month to get 50 fans (it so easy, just sent a PM of your follow link and one of your best works.)


2017-03-14 06:18:34

@LunacyOfficial stop harrassing people in PM to follow you, that's not a way to gain legitimate fans. people should discover you by accident. that's the whole point of the unscouted search bar thingy


2017-03-14 06:24:46

@MissVirus, first my name is no longer LUNACYOFFICIAL!!! It's Zophar and call me by it. Don't you see at the bottom of your page (only you can see it) that there is a link for getting more fans.


2017-03-14 06:29:29

@LunacyOfficial, i'm calling you LunacyOfficial to tag you, dummy.
also, I know about the link, I've been here a damn while.
the link is sposed to be promoted in let's say posts or whatever, not in PM to people who don't even see that shit coming.


2017-03-14 06:34:15

Only use LunacyOfficial to tag me. Just call me Zophar...
BUT... Lets end this conversation, @JonathanRune would probably agree...


2017-03-14 09:12:07

Man, all I gotta say is if you show your support for other artists it will come back to you. A lot of artists don't understand that the game is better played when you look out for each other and build each other up instead of climbing over other artists to get on top. Look at other peoples work and review their tracks, show your interest in making the community a better place and it should return to you. You're lucky to hear this now, when I was 13 years old in the audio portal (2007) that's all I cared about too. Getting the top 5.
Congrats on your adventure into music buddy, and good luck.